You can now download the APK of Minecraft Earth, play before anyone else!

by Kelvin
You can now download the APK of Minecraft Earth, play before anyone else!

Minecraft has had a surge in popularity in recent months when it seemed that the fish was already sold for the colossal game. Now, you may get exorbitant levels of success again thanks to Minecraft earth, mobile game of which we can already download your APK for Android

And it is that the app's closed trial period has already begun, which has resulted in the filtration of the APK file with which any user with a compatible Android device can install the game.


Augmented reality comes to Minecraft thanks to your smartphone

Although this augmented reality access to anyone no longer catches us again, because Pokémon GO opened the way, Minecraft wants to explore this way of playing in its particular franchise.

So, Minecraft Earth makes use of the camera and phone screen to show us elements of the game in our world.

We can create and deposit our real-size AR works in the middle of the street, we can explore other buildings, obtain resources and even join other players to survive the vast world of Minecraft – which is now ours.

Closed beta is now available in some countries

This August 30, Minecraft Earth launched its first closed beta available only in five cities: Seattle, London, Tokyo, Stockholm and Mexico. Users residing in respective locations can download the game from Google Play without major impediment, but what about outsiders?

It has lacked time for the Minecraft Earth APK I was circulating on the net. However, even if we download and install it on our smartphone, the app will not work if we do not run it from one of the cities mentioned.

Therefore, the only option to test the closed beta at this time goes through Download the Minecraft Earth APK as well as a VPN to connect through one of the compatible cities.

Minecraft Earth APK (APKMirror)

For him VPN, perhaps the best option is TunnelBear, one of the most popular apps for Android with which to mask our connection. We can download it for free from Google Play, although it also has a premium plan.

You can now download the APK of Minecraft Earth, play before anyone else! 1

When will Minecraft Earth officially launch?

Download the Minecraft Earth APK

According to the developer, the game would be available. during this summer. The truth is that although we are already saying goodbye to the summer, the fact of having launched the private beta anticipates a not too distant launch.

Of course, remember that Minecraft Earth will be progressively deployed in different countries to ensure the stability of the game, so it is possible that we first see it available in some cities and take a few weeks to reach others.

For now, you can pre-register on Google Play to receive a warning when Minecraft Earth is available for download.

You can now download the APK of Minecraft Earth, play before anyone else! 1

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