You can now play Mario Kart Tour for iOS and Android

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Mario Kart Tour

At last! You can now play Mario Kart Tour on your Android or iOS smartphone for free. We had been waiting for years and the nIntendo racing game is now available for download from the official app store, whatever your operating system. Nintendo announced that September 25 was the official launch date and has fulfilled its promise: the game is now available and you can try it on your smartphone.

We had been waiting for years, since the beginning of 2018. Its launch was delayed a couple of times and finally you can play on your mobile and enjoy the most famous Nintendo races with the usual characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad. But with all kinds of scenarios, modes, players and options available for running in New York or Paris.

Mario Kart Tour (2)

You can now download the game on your mobile and the servers have opened today at 10:00 but the success has been such that they are saturated and it is possible that, even if you install it, you can not log in because it is under maintenance .. It will be a matter of hours that everything starts working correctly and you can enjoy a free game but with micropayments that go from 6.99 euros to 74.99 euros and that will allow you to unlock all kinds of improvements in the game.

As expected, the races will have known scenarios of some games in the saga although there will also be new scenarios and maps inspired by emblematic places of the world like New York, Paris or London. In addition, the scenarios are expected to change and a new batch of maps is available every two weeks. Surely, when new maps arrive, the previous lots disappear. That way we will never learn them and we can enjoy the game more without getting bored of it.

Mario Kart Tour

We also know that we can play with more than 30 different characters that we already knew from other games and that there will be several game modes available with which we can play online against friends or just train to become a better pilot. There will be challenges, extra rounds and badges that you can get and you will be unlocking drivers and cars, as well as winning your friends and proving that you are the best.


The controls will be easy, although you can check it today, and it will be enough with just one finger to drive the car, launch the objects or even quickly change the view.

You can now download Mario Kart Tour for IOS and Android and start enjoying.

Download Mario Kart Tour for Android

Download Mario Kart Tour for iOS

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