You can now put the iPhone 11 wallpapers on your mobile whatever

by Kelvin
iPhone 11 fondos de pantalla


The new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have been official for a couple of days. Now we just have to wait for their landing in our country, which will take place on next friday 20th september. As usual, the terminals arrive with various custom wallpapers that identify each model and the generational leap, and that will soon be available in countless promotional posters. Now we can Download them for any other iPhone or mobile with Android.

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A wallpaper is a high quality image, so we will have no problem adapting it and placing it on the desktop of any other mobile, whether Android or an older iPhone that we want to give a cooler touch. The user who has accessed these Wallpapers has uploaded a total of 12 different designs, belonging to the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Keep in mind that some of these designs have the exact space for the iPhone 11 notch, so must fit in terminals that have notch in the form of an eyebrow or directly make the appropriate trimming so that it does not appear, in case of putting in a smartphone with β€œnotch” or pop-up camera.

Download wallpapers

The iPhone 11 wallpapers represent bubble style designs in different colors, although backgrounds destined for dark mode are also available. In these designs we can appreciate a explosion of powder of different colors On a black background. The designs you see in this post are only a preview, since the funds in their original quality can be downloaded from an external link that will take you to the imgur images website.

You can now put the iPhone 11 wallpapers on your mobile whatever 2

Download iPhone 11 wallpapers

To be able to download the backgrounds, you will only have to put yourself on top of each wallpaper, leave it pressed with your finger and save it on your mobile. Then, from the gallery of your mobile and within the options of the image, you will have to select it as wallpaper and lock. As we say, in some cases it is possible that you need to adapt the image to the screen of your device, since those with notch have been adapted for the iPhone 11. Recall that the three new terminals of Apple they will land in Spain on next September 20, although the company already allows reservations to be made through its official website. We are also pending the prices of the three iPhone 11 with the different operators.