You do not fool me, Samsung!

by Kelvin
You do not fool me, Samsung!

Eye rubbing, fallen jaws and astonished faces: At the presentation of the Galaxy Note Many wondered why Samsung is bringing the streamlined standard version to the market. The answer can be explained with an old sales trick.

In sales psychology, there is an old and well-known trick: the contrast principle. Man can not decide without context whether something is good or bad or expensive or cheap – he always needs a point of comparison. This is also known by companies that can manipulate the purchasing decisions of their customers with the contrast principle. Some product exists only to make another product appear in a better light. The Galaxy Note 10 is a prime example of this sales trick.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus superior to the standard version in every respect

Proud 949 euros Samsung demands for the Galaxy Note 10th But buyers get a smartphone, which is in almost every respect the short of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus draws:

  • lower resolution (Full HD + instead of WQHD +)
  • smaller battery (3,500 mAh vs. 4,300 mAh)
  • Triple camera instead of quad camera
  • no microSD slot
  • no audio zoom feature
  • slower fast charging (25 watts vs. 45 watts)

For 150 euros extra charge, however, there is the plus model of Note-10 series, which not only eliminates all the shortcomings of the standard version, but in the basic version also has gigantic 12 GB of memory and is thus prepared for the next four or five years for the future.

Considering the much better features of the Galaxy Note 10 plus is the extra charge of 150 euros hardly worth mentioning. Who is willing, 949 euros for the regular Galaxy Note 10, which can also 1.099 for the plus version on the table scroll – that does not make the roast fat!

Our hands-on video for Galaxy Note 10 (plus):

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus the "true" successor of the Galaxy Note 9

That Samsung this year so two versions of the Galaxy Note 10 is not a coincidence, but a clever move. The true successor of Galaxy Note 9 is the plus model. But if you had this simply as "Galaxy Note 10 "offered for the price of 1,099 euros, the outcry would have been great – after all, a surcharge of 100 euros compared to its predecessor. In times when rising smartphone prices are being eyed more critically, Samsung would have captured a small shitstorm.

Thus, the South Korean manufacturer, however, almost unnoticed turn on the price screw and goes with the slimmed down Galaxy Note 10 sure that much of the potential Note-10-Buyer for the better – and more expensive – Plus model attacks.

(Note: the opinions expressed in this article are solely the views of the author and are not necessarily the opinion of the entire GIGA editorial staff)

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