You may get hurt! iPhone 11 Pro Max in Robustness Testing

by Kelvin
You may get hurt! iPhone 11 Pro Max in Robustness Testing

Applerecently introduced iPhone 11 Pro Max It attracts attention with its quality material structure and high price. Well, the company's new flagship that can't be praised how much sturdy? The foreign YouTuber, who is looking for answers, tested it by taking an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

11 Pro Max, which has been sold in some countries as of last Friday and attracts attention with its high price $ 1,099 are sold at starting prices. According to storage capacity $ 1,449 This price, which can rise up to higher attracts attention with the fact that.

Well AppleHow robust is the new phone? Foreign YouTuber looking for answers jerryrigeverythingtested it with an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Scratch, burning, bending, impact and even tests such as cutting the phone, many people at the end of the video managed to surprise.


If you want to take a look at this robustness test video, the following You can watch the video. iPhone 11 models are currently in our country not available for sale but we can say that it will be active in a few weeks.