You will enjoy the world of 'The Eternal Cylinder' with its arrival on PC and consoles

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Ace Team and Good Shepherd Entertainment surprised everyone with the announcement of 'The Eternal Cylinder', a survival title with a beautiful and at the same time strange open world, where players will have to evolve their creatures and find a way to escape from the coming extinction

According to the site of ‘The Eternal Cylinder’, We will take control of a pack of adorable creatures known as Trebhums and we will have to explore the little world in which we are located, where we will immediately notice the amount of life and surreal surroundings coming from the bright minds of Good Shepherd and Ace Team.

This world of ‘The Eternal Cylinder‘ will be inhabited by more than 30 “memorable and handmade” alien creatures, so it will be up to the players to learn their different behaviors and “discover how to use the food chain in favor of their evolution. In addition, more creatures are expected to be added over time.

However, not everything is rosy, since in this impressive world there is an unstoppable threat known as 'Eternal Cylinder', a gigantic structure with mobile and destructive capabilities, whose potential is capable of destroying and absorbing entire civilizations, which has been doing for thousands of years of its existence.

In this way, he will seek to do the same with the Trebhums, so it will be up to the players to find a way to survive, since this process can only be delayed, but it has never stopped completely.

Because of this, we will have to get stronger with unique mutations, which will give us abilities such as flying, swimming and even offensive tools such as firing fire and even poison, which we will have to discover in the impressive world of ‘The Eternal Cylinder‘.

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These mutations cannot be replaced, but they will accumulate between each of our Trebhum, changing at the same time their appearance and the way players play, who will have to discover the types they can get and thus decide how they want to focus their evolution.

Recall that ‘The Eternal Cylinder’ will arrive in the middle of next year, when it will be available for Epic Games Store and on current and possibly next-generation consoles. If you want to know more information, do not forget to visit the official page of the title.

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