You'll want this Xbox One X special edition Gears 5 with all your desire

by Kelvin
You'll want this Xbox One X special edition Gears 5 with all your desire

Xbox One X Gears 5 Limited Edition

On September 10 we have an important appointment with Microsoft or, well, rather, with its Xbox Game Studio division. That day the company launches one of its most important titles in the videogames segment, Gears 5, and to make the event even more special, it has decided to launch a special and limited edition of its console.


The Xbox One X Gears 5 Limited Edition arrives to pay tribute to this new title, sequel to Gears of War 4 and developed by the Canadian ancestry firm The Coalition. And he does it with a good design job. The team sports the significant Crimson Omen symbol Gears of War frozen under ice and snow, with a quite achieved effect and it is sure that it will delight the most fanatics of the saga.

As you can see in the tweet that the Xbox Spain account has shared just a few minutes ago, the Xbox One X does not come alone in the special game pack. When you open the box, in addition to the console itself (which is 1 TB), you will also find a limited edition remote control Kait Diaz (which shares design with the console, in gray tones, textured grips and “snow” effect and can also be purchased separately if you are only interested in the controller) as well as the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition, Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Gears games of War 2, 3 and 4 – all in downloadable codes, as The Verge clarifies. As you can see, a most complete pack for the most fans.

If it seems little, there are still more accessories prepared for the occasion. The Redmond company has also confirmed the existence of a base for command -image under these lines- that shares design, of course, with the whole special edition set; as well as headphones, a mouse and a keyboard (in collaboration with Razer) and even a portable hard disk of 2 Tb of storage equally customized and created next to Seagate.

Gears 5

The Xbox One X Gears 5 Limited Edition will be available on September 6 but it should be possible to reserve from today through the official Microsoft website (at the time of consulting the page the option still does not appear but we assume it is a matter of hours to be enabled). Its price is of 499.99 euros.

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