Young Spaniards say they have created the most powerful PC in the world

by Kelvin
El Chapuzas Informático

Today it's time to meet the "World's most powerful PC", or so they say a group of three young people behind the Spanish company Code Matrix, where they promote in the local newspaper,, what after six months of workhave managed to create the most powerful PC in the world, a computer designed by themselves that supposed "a challenge for us and for the industry of manufacturing", to the point of being compared with Apple: "Yes Apple can, we can too".

Unfortunately, at the time of the truth, what they are offering as a great technological innovation is to go to a store like PcComponentes or Coolmod and choose the most expensive components we can choose by hand, hey, at least it has a merit to know the compatibility of the CPU with the motherboard to choose, and offer it already pre-assembled and sell it as "the most powerful computer in the world".

Code Matrix workers 740x415 0Santiago Sainz, Alejandro Cordero Vicaria and Cristian Santos, members of Code Matrix. via:

Interestingly, the publicized team, the call The Beast X, does not appear on the web, but thanks to the newspaper we know that it is a computer equipped with a processor Intel Core 20 Core beside 192 GB of DDR4 RAM, an NVLink configuration of 2x Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, and a 2 TB SSD storage, being the greatest achievement of all that all that hardware has been integrated into a chassis "of conventional dimensions".

The funny thing is that the newspaper, well, some fault they have when they don't understand technology, indicate that the 20 cores it's a milestone when "a conventional computer has 2, 4, 6 or 8 cores", but with the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X of 12 cores already in the street, or AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16 cores around the corner, little impress.

If we talk about AMD's HEDT platform, this and nothing is the same, because we already talk about the 32 cores of the Threadripper, or of the 64 cores of the 3rd Gen of the Threadripper, so the one that claims to be "the most powerful computer in the world is quite decaffeinated, not to mention using an Intel Xeon CPU with 192 GB of RAM and then using some graphics cards for the gaming segment and not some graphics for the professional segment that should be destined, that is, some Nvidia Quadro RTX / GTX.

The Beast X 740x415 1 team

The newspaper mentioned that the CEO of the company complained about the lack of support from the institutions of Navarra, and even in Spainas they say countries like Germany and Italy do have confidence in this company, not to mention that as sales points indicate your website, or an "agreement" with eBay or Amazon, "agreement", because thanks to the marketplace any store can sell their products there.

In case it was not enough, the computer can arrive with its own 100% Spanish operating system made in Spain called "CMO", that there is no information about it, but it would be a mere Linux distro in the form of modified Debian.

In short, "the best computer in the world" is about any computer assembled by parts that is offered already assembled and with a Linux distro, so the only merit is in knowing what pieces to combine, since in reality they have not really created any new components or software for their creationEven the chassis do not have their own design, but instead use boxes from manufacturers such as Fractal Design, Nox, Talius or Cooler Master.

In the portable section three quarters of the same, although they claim to have "allocated more resources"to improve your laptops with the Nvidia GeForce RTX, like many other companies, They are mere barebones where you can choose the desired configuration from the factory, a well-known manufacturer of these barebones is Clevo, where the brand only has to put its logo to finalize the design, something very normal, unless you already begin to say that you have created it and that you are very new to use "an aluminum chassis".

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