Your Android smartphone as an electronic ID reader


When Electronic ID In Spain in 2006, there was talk of moving a heavy and crooked bureaucracy to the Internet so that all citizens with DNIe can manage from home With total comfort. It looks like science fiction, but countries like Estonia are examples of this being possible.

However, sooner or later it is clear that the process of reaching countries like Estonia will be long and painful. To start ID electronics requires a special reader that you must connect to your computer. At that time, depending on the operating system, the process to register DNI and starting to use it becomes more complicated.


But it is not all bad news. And if you have an Android smartphone, you don't need a special reader. Your own Android device acting as a reader.

Your own DNIe pocket reader

As indicated by the official electronic ID page, to use known ID as you need a reader. There are built into the keyboard, which is usually used by officials of the Spanish Administration. Several are connected to the PC through USB and there are even readers PCMCIA.

And if you have an Android smartphone, its compatibility with NFC wireless technology They do it electronic ID reader but for this you will need additional apps.

Following tradition, instead of making it easier, on the Google Play profile with an acronym CNP-FNMT (National Police Corps – Coin Factory and National Bell) You will find a variety of good apps. Which one is good?

If you only want to read the content stored in ID, you can do it with the application DNIe Example of data reading. Com pointed out in the description of the application, “it makes it possible to read the citizen data contained in ID card Electronic Spanish or even on the Internet electronic passport third generation with a secure PACE channel, from a cell phone with NFC function ".

Your Android smartphone as an electronic ID reader 3

If what you want is to use your Android smartphone as a DNIe reader, you can use the application DNIe reader for PC, using a cell phone, which allows you to connect to your computer with a USB cable or via Wi-Fi and, therefore, perform the tasks of your computer with the Administration from your home.

Your Android smartphone as an electronic ID reader 4

But there is more. Other applications that are recommended for use. ID your electricity is called Administration access panel, DNIe single sign-on And that includes almost all the Spanish agencies and agencies that you will see throughout the year. Namely: what Tax agencythat General direction of trafficthat Social Security, Department of Justice, office Cadastre… Application to access everything that Online Administration offers.

You will find more information about electronic ID and any questions you have about it on the official website.

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