Your favorite WhatsApp chats by colors: the Tags feature

by Kelvin
Your favorite WhatsApp chats by colors: the Tags feature

Your favorite WhatsApp chats by colors: the Tags feature 2

How many contacts and chats do you have open on WhatsApp? It is easy to open the app and see that there are tens – or even hundreds – of chats, messages and conversations. To lend a hand and solve the user's life a bit when finding their favorite contacts, WhatsApp introduced in 2017 the function of setting a favorite chat and that was always highlighted in first position above the rest, regardless of whether it was days ago There were no new messages in that chat. But for whom this is not enough, the app gives you another option: organize conversations by colors.

WhatsApp tags, digital post-it

Extending the concept of setting up a chat using virtual pushpins, WhatsApp was removed last year from the tags , a function to organize your chats and messages and find them more easily. Unlike the pushpins to fix a chat, the tags also allow you to organize specific messages within the conversation window with a contact, making it easier to find the chat or message afterwards. And this is how they work:


Create a WhatsApp tag:

  1. Press and hold a message or chat within the app
  2. In the row of icons that will appear, touch the Tags
  3. Add an existing or a new tag.

Find a WhatsApp tag

  1. To search for tagged content, go to the tab Chats
  2. Touch the icon Search for
  3. Writes in the window the symbol # followed by the name of the label, for example #family #vacations or #RealMadrid

To find the content associated with a tag, go to the Chats tab> Menu button> Tags> Touchez the tag. From the Chats tab, you can Touchez the profile picture of a contact or the group icon to see all the tags associated with that chat. To manage your tags, go to the tab Chats> Menu button> Labels, and from here you can edit the labels or directly delete them.

Create a broadcast list from a tag

You can create broadcast lists for specific contacts from your tags. For it:

  1. Open the application WhatsApp Business (WhatsApp for Business).
  2. Go to the button Menu> Labels.
  3. Select the label for which you want to create a broadcast list.
  4. Go to the button Menu> Send messages to customers.
  5. Touch the green confirmation button in the lower right corner of the screen to write your message. The message from the broadcast list will be sent individually to each chat tagged with that tag.

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