Your video calls in low light will now look good with Google Duo

by Kelvin

Of all video call services, Google Duo is among our favorites because of the high quality it achieves in video calls. The application has been updated to add a new mode that improves visibility for all those occasions in which there is very little light.

Google Duo does not stop improving with a night mode

It may be a personal appreciation, but WhatsApp video calls have never finished convincing me, since I feel that in terms of quality it does not live up to more specialized services in video calls, such as Skype or Google Duo.


WhatsApp video calls are convenient because everyone has WhatsApp, but that doesn't make them good.

Google Duo is an application that was born along with the already abandoned Allo of the Hangouts separation. Google's goal was to separate its messaging application into two specialized services, and although Allo seems to have no place in the market, Duo has enjoyed greater popularity.

It is your direct approach to experience and the quality of service itself those who get Duo has achieved a good number of loyal users. And if we add new functions that improve the experience, it is better consolidated.

The latest news to reach Google Duo is the night mode, and no, it has nothing to do with the dark mode that is so fashionable.

One of the greatest technical difficulties in photography is the lack of light, and this difficulty extends to the video. Somehow, Google has managed to create a way that alters the image we are seeing on the screen.

We can see the result in the video shown above, where we appreciate that with the press of a button, the image of our interlocutor is altered so that we can see it with total clarity.

Google started yesterday the deployment of this new function, so you will have to update your application to take advantage of it. Without having tried it yet, our partner may also have to update your application.

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