YouTube Music prepares to return to streaming war

by Kelvin
YouTube Music prepara-se

Although technically launched in 2015, the YouTube Music only gained importance three years later when this service was drastically redesigned and improved. Thus became the main rival of Spotify and also the Apple Music These last two have so far been the services that have won the most users. Now the YouTube Music is getting ready to integrate new features!

YouTube Music prepares to return to streaming war

Since 2018 this platform has maintained a stable number of subscribers. Still it cannot be said to have had booming growth. Now the YouTube Music has a new weapon in its battle against competition. That said, the new feature is called “Discover Mix” and resembles Spotify's “Discover Weekly”.


In practice it's a 49-track Playlist that is updated every Wednesday to help you discover more songs you might be interested in. Of course, the suggestions presented are based on what you like and dislike. So the more you use the app, the better these recommendations will work.

However, for now, this feature does not yet appear to be widely available. It does not even seem to be more prevalent in a specific region. The fact is, some users eventually had early access to these Discover Mixes. Anyone who has tried says to be satisfied. More specifically, it seems that the recommendations are diverse and arise very intuitively. If so, it will undoubtedly be a good tool for expanding users' musical tastes and helping to achieve new sounds.

YouTube  Music prepares

As Google eventually expands this feature, it will be available in the "Mixed for You" menu, along with the "New Release Mix" option as well as the songs it enjoyed.

In fact music streaming services are becoming increasingly popular. With so much competition in the market and so many users to conquer, the features can make a difference as the price is almost the same.

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