YouTube will have huge ads on the TV interface

by Kelvin

THE YouTube announced today (18) that has released a new form of ads on the video platform and it is focused on people who watch the content on TV. Still in the testing phase, the tool places advertising above the recommended video feed that appears whenever the smart TV and set-top box app opens.

youtube advertising


The idea is similar to the ad banner that appears on the homepage of YouTube on mobile devices and computers. Content plays automatically after a few seconds and can be expanded to fill the entire application interface on the TVs. Even with autoplay, the video that will play will start without audio, just as it does now with the YouTube.

Video can be created to appear only on the TV interface, and the news comes near the end of this interface for non-TV devices. The change that happened this week can help deliver ads to just the right devices, leaving the PC that can still run / TV.

YouTube will have huge ads on the TV interface 1

Google's video platform claims that ads displayed on the TV interface generate 10% more interest than the same video that is served on a conventional channel, whether paid or unpaid.

With information: Google.

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