Yowi.tv, a platform to watch DTT on the Internet

by Kelvin

Statistics are very clear and confirm changes in user trends. And it has been seen how in recent years people have avoided DTT, television for life, consume content over the Internet. They prefer to see what they want, video YouTube, Netflix movies, or even just music. Yes DTT has not been abandoned, although now the trend is to watch the channel using the network..

In this new scenario, the initiative is no less to make users watch DTT using the Internet and their own platforms. One of them, and the last one, is Yowi.tvone a digital platform that wants us to watch television channels through the Internet, our computers and our cell phones. Antenna is no longer necessary.


The Yowi.tv operation has started strongly. At the moment, you can watch over 60 channels from around the world and translate a website into 14 languages.. Too this platform is free to use, which means it can be viewed anytime, anywhere. You just need a web browser. In fact, the appearance of the transmission is automatically modified.

To withstand transmission loads to CDN geographically, it can even limit the bandwidth used or the frequency of the ads that are seen. This is all quite positive because the television platform itself can make money from viewing. Too You can add channels as you wish, you only need to request their integration.

It should be mentioned that, In addition to traditional channels, Yowi.tv also provides access to channels with continuity, that is, those that play their own videos 24 hours a day.. In this way What the platform seeks is to provide access to all types of content, both local, national and international..

If we enter Yowi.tv we will see that, for now, the number of channels is limited. More than 60 options available. However, from the platform they have confirmed that they work to add more. All types. In Spain, we currently find several such as RT in Spain or Mogán, from the Canary Islands. Too content on demand, which means that we can see the videos that interest us the most.

Mention, on the other hand, that we can use our cell phone as if it were a remote control. We only need to enter the code that will be displayed on the platform to link the broadcast.

Yowi.tv is one of the most interesting initiatives that we have witnessed in recent months. let's have the opportunity to watch DTT online. This option will attract many users. In addition, its use is free, which means that we can watch channels without having to make a payment.

As we look at the various channels available, we will also wait for more options to be released. We can face one of the most successful platforms to view multimedia content on the Internet.

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