Zoom releases a new update that improves video call security

by Kelvin
Zoom releases a new update that improves video call security 1

After harsh criticism of security, popular video conferencing app Zoom announced on Wednesday new updates that will be enabled by default to use the password for all video conferencing.

One way to join Zoom's call is Personal Meetings (PMI), which brings to a virtual room dedicated to enduring users.


"Because PMI is always accessible using the same pointers or close links, anyone can join the call unless properly protected," Zoom acknowledged in a statement.

To prevent intruders from entering the call, a phenomenon known as "zoombombing", Zoom will allow users to turn off the PMI indicator. The app will always require a password to access the call, and will revoke the previous link and identifier.

Also, PMI calls will enable the waiting room as standard and the privilege of accessing the screen sharing function will be enabled by default only to host meetings.

The new changes, which will be introduced this Saturday, May 9 for free version of the user by Zoom, they will be enabled by default on all accounts, though administrators will have the possibility to change them in application settings.

Source: DPA


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