Zuckerberg: Apple is increasingly a great rival of Facebook

by Kelvin
Zuckerberg: Apple is increasingly a great rival of Facebook

the fight between Facebook and Apple it has been going on for at least two months with many accusations and innuendos—and this dispute has yet to go far. The newest round began with heavier statements from the CEO and co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

The executive spoke to investors during the release of the company’s quarterly financial report and did not go easy on Apple: he said he is “seeing more and more the Apple as one of the biggest competitors” and that it “uses the dominant platform position to infer how our applications and those of others operate according to their preference”.

WhatsApp x iMessage

Zuckerberg also took the opportunity to defend the WhatsApp messenger, which belongs to Facebook and was heavily criticized for a now-delayed change in terms of use. “When it comes to protecting people’s messages, I think WhatsApp is clearly superior,” he said. He even criticized the iMessage model, from Apple, to keep unencrypted backups of conversations and large sets of metadata that can be used by business and even governments.


He further noted that iMessage comes installed by default on any iPhone, making it the most widely used in the US, and that Apple “is depending more and more on winning slices of apps and services against us and other developers.”


The CEO also said that iOS 14’s ad tracking changes impact millions of businesses around the world, as many developers will no longer be able to display consumer-targeted ads. “Now the Apple they can say they are doing this to help people, but the action clearly follows their competitive interests,” he says.

Previously, the Facebook criticized the brand for turning down a gaming app on iOS due to contractual disagreements. THE Apple defended itself by saying it is on the side of privacy and accused the rival of collecting as much data as possible.

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